Templates and Checklists

Sometimes an example, template or checklist can speed up processes for you.

Make use of these resources, but do make sure that you modify them to suit your specific needs.

At your fingertips, you have everything from sample employee letters that make sure your people know you care. To checklists to help you improve your own performance. To checklists to help improve team performance.

Normal disclaimers apply: I do not know your specific circumstances, so please get advice from your H.R Department or legal advisor before using. You are at your own risk in using them. These documents are merely samples.

Here are quick-links to the various categories

Career Skills

Design Your Ideal Job

Using this template, you'll discover the elements to design your ideal job (which might just be the one you have right now! Here is the article that complements this checklist.


Improving Your Own Performance

Goals Checklist

This is a comprehensive goals checklist, helping you ensure you firstly set your goals correctly and secondly set up the conditions for you to achieve them. This checklist forms part of the Potential to Reality training.

People You Associate With

The people you associate dictate to a large extent the quality of your life. Use this template to make assessments about the quality of people you are spending time with.  Access the Potential to Reality training to understand more fully why this is so important to you.

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