Is 2020 the year when you go from being good at 

leading and influencing

to being exceptional?

Or, will it be more of the frustration that comes because you are working 40+ hours and stressing 40+ hours, 

because the people you need to help you succeed, just don't seem to be on the same 'bus' as you?

Watch the video below to discover why I've decided to put this course together right now!


Why You Need This Program

It's not fair that good people, aren't getting the success they desire, 

because their influencing and leadership skills aren't superb. I want to change that!

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  • 30 JANUARY 2020 - 1 pm (Brisbane, Qld,)



Now is your time ... 

Get your hands on "How To Powerfully Lead and Influence" and make 2020 the new decade where your leadership and influencing skills make you a 'rockstar' in your industry

powerfully lead and influence

How to powerfully lead and influence

What our customers are saying:

Truly Shaped Leadership Skills

When I think back on the time we worked together, I always realize how much of an influence you had on my career.  I have spread the learnings from you throughout the Middle East now :). We have over 6,000 employees, so your influence has been far-reaching. You truly have shaped my leadership skills. 

Jan Bijsterbosch  //  Senior Vice President, Emirates Catering

Business has profited

Our business has profited in many ways from both the coaching and the leadership development workshops Shelley has delivered to us. I would highly recommend Shelley to you if you wish to develop a team of high-performance leaders.

Helen Besly  //  Managing Director, Rowland

I'm Shelley Holmes. For the past 20+ years I've been a leader in, and a high-performance coach for companies around the globe, who combined have revenues over $116 billion. In 2003 I was designated as one of the 50 greatest mentors in the world and included in the international bestseller of the same name.

Here at Make a Dent Leadership, we've inspired thousands of leaders to promotions, higher incomes, better relationships, and more fulfilling lives. 

In this program, I'm going to share with you the core strategies and mindsets that I share with all the remarkable leaders that I work with. 

What I want to emphasize with you is that this is not just theory. These are tips, strategies and ideas that have been proven, over and over, by myself and the thousands of leaders with whom I've worked. 

Certainly, these concepts are based on research but they are also tried and tested. So, you get the best of both worlds, well-researched theory, shown beyond a shadow of a doubt to work. 

Shelley Holmes

 (c) 2020 Make A Dent Leadership